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A Personalized High Impact Approach

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Our Philosophy

No matter where you are in your growth journey  – our client's success comes first.   We appreciate every client has a unique perspective, situation, and evolving set of life and career goals.   We partner with our clients to fully understand their needs and to help them navigate their career journey.  We use proven tools and methods and are up to speed on the latest job market trends.  

We use a structured approach to support our clients, regardless of career stage or professional level.  This includes writing plans, using successful approaches, building visions and roadmaps, helping with decision support, detailed search support, and navigating transitions.

We focus on building traction and momentum in career goals.  Although bringing clarity to complex situations is critical, it’s equally important that our clients know what steps to take to successfully navigate the transition or decision on hand.  We stay committed to side-by-side support during these transitions.  

Most importantly, we believe expert career guidance and support does not have to be costly.  We provide valuable career services and coaching at an affordable price.  

Your Dedicated Team

Our team


For over 20 years, we have mentored professionals of all backgrounds, industries, and stages of life navigate through the challenge of succeeding professionally.  Many of our clients know that they want more professionally, but don't know where to start.  We help them gain the confidence they need to make changes.  Our approach provides individuals a clearly defined path, expert support, and the skills necessary to elevate their career.  Bee Defined Consulting was launched in 2019 to bring a unique value to individuals seeking more out of their professional lives.  We bring a consultant-coach approach to our clients focusing on short-term career planning and high-impact execution.  

Experienced - Insightful - Supportive 

Executive Coach, Head Career Coach,
Professional Development Consultant

 Beena Punatar

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Beena Punatar, founder of Bee Defined Consulting specializes in mentoring individuals at any professional level with career growth and planning.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University, a Master’s in Business Administration from The University of Phoenix, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and Career Coach Certification.  For the past 20 years, she has navigated the corporate environment, striving to build a fulfilling career. She has led the turnaround of many failing businesses focusing on employee productivity, leadership development, and recruiting top talent. Beena has played an integral part in the development of young professionals and individuals beginning their journey here in the United States.     


Her passion for hard work and dedication has allowed her to realize significant accomplishments over her 20-year professional career. These achievements did not come easily or quickly. There was a tremendous amount of growth and development while overcoming adversity. With that came the ability to apply her skills in helping other professionals build the skills necessary to be better engaged, better empowered, and better defined in their career progression. 


Today, Beena continues to hold a career as a VP of Operations for a leading financial service company while also serving as the Head Career Coach here at Bee Defined Consulting. She is a recruiter and a hiring manager. She coaches individuals on professional growth and development, consulting small businesses and corporations on growing employees for internal career mobility, and frequently participates in speaker and panel engagements for young professionals. She enjoys reading, sports, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.  

 Personal Performance Coach
DeMichael Adkison

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DeMichael serves in dual roles for our company as the Director of Operations and Head Life Coach.  He has over 20 years of experience leading business operations, client success strategies, and talent development. DeMichael oversees the content for Bee Defined Consulting online and social media presence.

He establishes key partnerships with colleges, corporations, and non profits to provide additional access to career resources for students and the community. He leads all outreach initiatives including driving programs to get individuals who are impacted by COVID-19 job loss back to work.  


DeMichael is a certified Master Life Coach with a focus in thought and behavior coaching.  At times, professional growth is restricted due to personal challenges and roadblocks. We recognize that often times, seeking a more fulfilling professional life starts with personal development. He helps our clients bridge the gap between personal and professional growth and development to build a more complete and confident professional.   

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