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Business Advisory & Consulting 

Empowering Your Business for Thriving Success and Reigniting Your Passion.

If you've been burning the midnight oil, tirelessly leading and operating your business, it's time to make the changes you need for exponential growth.


We will work closely with you to develop a tailored strategy that optimizes your resources, ensuring you make informed decisions that lead to sustainable growth.

Say goodbye to the endless hours spent on manual communication and service bookings. Our streamlined processes and solutions approach will revolutionize your operations, saving you valuable time and effort. It's time to focus on what truly matters – nurturing your business and spending quality time with your loved ones.

Who leads our Business Advisory & Consulting engagements? 


Our business advisory engagements are led by Beena Punatar, our principal business advisor. With a wealth of expertise and a proven track record in driving business growth and success, Beena is dedicated to helping businesses like yours thrive in today's competitive landscape.

As a seasoned professional with years of experience in business strategy, operations, and leadership, Beena brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by businesses across industries. She combines her comprehensive knowledge with a passion for unlocking potential, guiding businesses toward sustainable growth, and fostering a renewed sense of purpose and excitement.

Whether you are a startup seeking guidance to establish a solid foundation, a small business looking to scale and expand, or an established company aiming to optimize operations and stay ahead of the curve, Our strategic insights and customized solutions will empower you to navigate complexities, make informed decisions, and achieve your business goals.

The Business Advisory experience will lead you on a transformative journey to elevate not only your business, but how you manage and navigate your own mind and emotions while building your business.

Together, we'll unlock your business's full potential and create a future filled with success, innovation, and fulfillment.


We specialize in working with business owners in two critical



Plan + Start

Manage + Grow

Here are just a few of the areas we provide side-by-side support

and expertise:


Building Sustainable Business Infrastructure 

Human Resources 

Recruiting and Onboarding 

Business Automation 

Client Experience 

Employee Growth & Retention 

Technology Sourcing 

Business Efficiency

Organizational Development

Continuous Improvement

Leadership & Talent Development

Bridging generational gaps 



Employee Repurposing & Outplacement


Website, Marketing, Advertising 

New Hire Employment/Contractor Agreements 

During our engagement, we'll closely analyze your business, uncover growth opportunities, and develop strategic plans that align perfectly with your goals. But we don't stop at advice—we actively collaborate with you. Need vendor recommendations? We've got you covered. Looking for a partner to join important conversations and implement solutions?


Consider us by your side. We believe in fostering strong relationships with our clients, understanding your unique vision, and working together towards exceptional results. Your success is our utmost dedication, and we're truly passionate about witnessing your business thrive. With Bee Defined Business Advisory Services, you can expect a personalized approach, invaluable insights, and unwavering support. 


Contact us today to embark on an exciting journey of growth and achievement. 

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