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Our expertise has helped individuals 

reach new heights for 20 years

Our unique value brings together short-term career planning and high impact execution through a consultant-coach approach.   

Bee Defined Consulting provides a wide array of career services to individuals in any industry, professional level, or life stage.  We understand the frustrations that come along with succeeding professionally and personally.  We have helped individuals for over 20 years be better defined in their career objectives.  We specialize in short-term career planning and high-impact execution by providing them the tools and resources to help them achieve more.  Our mission is to help individuals develop the confidence and determination to bring on the change they seek in their lives.   


Our clients can expect to receive a hands-on approach specifically tailored to your needs.  Depending on your needs, we use a suite of credentialed tools to help define the direction you are headed.  If you aren't sure where you are headed, then we help you gain clarity and sort through your skills and work experience and provide options moving forward.    We then move into a stepwise manner to explore these options, build a strategic plan, and create your professional branding and marketing tools.  After we have you equipped with the right tools, we focus on helping with skill-building coaching's such as interview prep and confidence training.    

Regardless of your starting point or specific needs, we use a structured approach to move our clients forward in their career progression.  In all our engagements, we strive to remove the real and perceived barriers that interfere with our ability to make progress.  We do this by breaking down the components of career planning and implementation in more manageable components.  We leverage the consultant approach to deliver high impact solutions and follow up with tailored coaching.  

For our clients seeking support to keep career plans on track, our Bee Guided Plan is a great on-going growth and development tool.  The Bee Guided Plan includes continuous guidance and mentorship from Beena, fresh insights for clients who hit roadblocks, and realistic solutions for adjusted plans.  

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