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Growth Journey

Strategize for success

Creating professionals that are better engaged, better empowered, and

better defined in their career journey!

At Bee Defined Consulting we are dedicated to the advancement and growth of the people we serve.  We bring a consultant-coach approach to supporting our clients.  Coaches help you determine the goals that match your highest potential, create a strategic and realistic plan to achieve those goals, and helps you be accountable for achieving those goals within a planned timeframe.  Consultants provide you with information, advice, training, knowledge, and practical tips. 

We have helped professionals nationwide with career planning by developing realistic goals and objectives and providing the tools and resources to achieve these goals.  We also help implement strategies for success and provide continuous professional growth and development.  

Growth Planning

We’ll help you create a path to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. We work with our clients to understand prior experience and skills then refine options, build roadmaps, and define clear goals for current or upcoming transitions.

Professional Branding & Marketing 

First impressions count!  We'll create your personal marketing tools such as resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profiles. We help you define, develop and communicate your professional brand so it stands out.

Targeted Coaching

No matter where you are on your journey – we’re here to help. We partner with our clients to help them achieve their goals. Whether it’s exploring options, clarifying direction or offering encouragement, our mission is to help you succeed.  We tailor our coaching to fit your unique needs. 

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A Brighter Future is Ahead

Meeting clients at any stage in their career 

We work with clients at any stage in their career. Whether you’re contemplating options, starting your first job search, thinking through a possible move, transitioning back to work after raising a family or thinking through a change in direction – we’re here to help!  At Bee Defined Consulting we support individuals throughout the full spectrum of career transitions. Our mission is to help open more opportunities and put you in a position to feel confident and empowered.

College Students

Whether you’re deciding on a major so you can secure that post-graduate first job, starting your job search, mapping out options, or considering graduate school, we can help you define your vision, develop your roadmap, and achieve your goals.

Mid Career

Do you feel stuck, underappreciated? Mid-Career is a great time to revisit the current position, explore the learnings of work experiences, and chart a fresh path forward. We can help you clarify and implement a defined plan.

Career Changes 

Whether it’s economic conditions, restructurings or just a calling to do something different, career changes are common. We’ll help you clarify your purpose, develop a plan, and provide branding and other career services to help get you where you want to be.

Grad School & Training Decisions
Restructurings & Layoffs 

In today’s unprecedented times and impact of COVID-19 pandemic, company’s are downsizing and restructuring.  We’re here to help you navigate the transition, from developing a roadmap, providing full search support, discussing your transferable skills, and helping you build the confidence to get back into the workforce.  

Transitioning Back to the Workforce

Growing skills and building expertise are the backbone of a successful career. We help people connect and integrate their educational plan with their purpose, interests, work style and overall career objectives.

Whether it’s leaving the military and entering civilian life or returning to work after raising children, the transition can be frightening and unpredictable.  We’ll help you get concise with your career direction and understand what transferable skills you can leverage to land your next opportunity. 

Affordable Pricing to Meet your Needs

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