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  • What are my payment options?
    Thank you for making an investment in yourself and entrusting us with your career needs! Currently, we accept both credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) and ACH (bank auto debit) payments.
  • Will you be able to get me a job?
    There are many factors that go into hiring and selecting candidates that are out of our control including how a candidate interviews and hiring decisions made by employers. Bee Defined's proven processes and approach allows clients to be better engaged, better empowered, and better defined in their career goals. Our approach is collaborative and your dedicated coach consultant will be with you side-by-side through the process. We require our clients to be engaged throughout the process and embrace the coaching process and demonstrate a growth mindset.
  • What will I learn?
    We focus on building professionals and empowering them to build sustainable career paths. You will learn so much about yourself when we work together and you will get clarity on what adjustments to make to see success!
  • I'm not sure what I want to do when I graduate. Where
    Congratulations on this achievement! Your education plays an integral part in transitioning into the workforce with confidence. It's not just about the technical knowledge you aquired in school but you also built your skills in working with others, technical writing, speaking, critical thinking, and building confidence. Now it's time to discover which career path to take or perhaps it's entrauprenurship! We have exclusive coaching programs for students.
  • Are you a headhunter and recruiter?
    Although we have over 25 years experience as recruiters and hiring manager, we are not a headhunter and direct recruiting company that earns compensation by placing candidates. We believe that in representing numerous candidates at the same time, receiving compensation for placing our clients would cause a conflict of interest in ensuring all candidates get the same platform with employers. What comes standard in working with us, is access to the Bee Defined extensive professional and personal network of hiring managers and recruiters. As your coach sees fit and when there is an opportunity to link you to recruiters/hiring managers within their network, we do!
  • I know which package I want, can I just proceed to buy?
    Every interest in joining our Bee Defined Community starts with a free phone consultation. This gives our coach consultants the ability to get to know you, understand your goals and challenges, and make the best reccomendation on how we can work together to help you achieve your goals. Every engagement starts with some planning upfront! You will walk away from the consultation with a few tangible things you can do immediately to see success and you will feel empowered to take action right away!
  • Where is your office and how will our sessions be conducted?
    Bee Defined Consulting is based out of Dallas, Texas, and serves clients worldwide. Currently, we are a fully remote company. We believe our employees are our competitive advantage and by providing work-life opportunities for our employees to grow we are able to deliver more value to our clients. Individual coaching program sessions are virtual. Business Advisory, Executive Coaching, and Speaking Events are offered virtually or in person (in person fee is charged).
  • Can I purchase a 1 hour consult or pay by the hour?
    Our coaching programs provide a proven process to help you navigate achieving your career goals. If you are looking for pay-as-you-go coaching support check out the Bee Flexible Monthly Coaching Plan.
  • What training do my career coaches have?
    All of our coaches have a combination of extensive formal education, 20+ years of work experience as Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and Business Leaders. All of our coaches are Certified as Life & Career Coaches with over 1,000 hours of formal coaching hours in their specialty areas.
  • What happens during the free consultation?
    During your free private consultation session, you will have the ability to discuss your specific needs and challenges with one of our expert Coach-Consultants. You will walk away with clear direction on what changes you can make immediately to move you closer to your goal. You may also get a vote of confidence in how you are approaching and executing on your career goals. You will also learn about our coaching process, price, and get your questions answered so you can make an educated decision!
  • What happens if I get a job before my services are complete?
    It's not uncommon that our clients get traction on applications before reaching the end of the services they hired us for! Together, we will assess if the job is aligned with your targeted career path or is it a filler job? From there, we can restructure the services and curriculum within the package to best meet you where you are in your career journey!
  • What happens if I haven't accepted an offer before my comprehensive service packages are complete?
    We have many different options to continue engaging us after your services are completed. Upon purchasing your first service with us, you will be a member of our exclusive community (insert link for the page) with access to ongoing support and discounts on other services.
  • What industries do you have experience in?
    Our coach consultants have expertise in many industries. The only industries we are unable to serve are agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting/gaming/trapping (unless for conservation) firearm & ammunition, and tobacco.
  • What type of resumes and professional documents do you provide?
    We provide Resumes, International resumes, Curriculum Vitae, Bios, Government Resumes, and Cover Letters. We do not provide writing services on Academic and Professional Letters of Reccomendation.
  • Can I use my Bee Defined Coach as a professional or financial reference?
    No, we do not permit our clients to use us as a professional or financial reference.
  • Can I just give you my LinkedIn username and password to complete my profile edits?
    No. Our coaching philosophy is to provide you with tailored and specific support including tools and resources to sustain your professional growth. Your LinkedIn session will be collaborative and your coach will work through the edits with you while creating an ongoing work. We also don't encourage sharing passwords!
  • What's the typically turn time to receive a resume and how many rounds of edits can I get?
    Upon providing us with your resume content, and completing a 30-minute virtual resume deep dive session. We take an average of 5-7 days to provide the resume draft. Upon providing the resume draft, we will have the ability to complete up to 3 rounds of edits to ensure your satisfaction and get the resume to the best possible state. You will receive the resume in both pdf and word formats. All sales are final.
  • What's different about your resumes?
    We do not do any cookie-cutter resumes. Each resume build entails research on viable career paths and massaging your relevant experience and skills for your new career path. Resume writing is a different type of writing and requires elevated business writing. What sets us apart is that our writers have experience as business leaders, recruiters, and hiring managers. They are skilled in writing business plans and reports and are able to ensure the writing is in line with what hiring managers and recruiters look for.
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