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A Personalized Approach

We connect ‘purpose’ to the art of career decision making

Whether you’re mapping out career goals, making a mid-career change or starting a new endeavor, we’re experts at helping people navigate decisions and manage transitions.

The best careers are built on a foundation of purpose and self-awareness. Depending on your needs, we use a suite of credentialed tools to help define your mission and interests. Using this as the guiding compass, we then move in a stepwise manner to explore options, build a strategic plan and solidify goals that provide clarity and next steps.

Regardless of your starting point, we use a structured approach to progress our engagements.

Too often significant life transitions, including those that try to grapple with optimizing our life experience, can be overwhelming when viewed in entirety. We tend to get stuck, or settle into a kick-the-can approach as the flow of life continues to come our way. We can trick ourselves into thinking that the future will ‘take care of itself’ and everything will ‘work our fine’ if we just wait a little longer, steering away from the disease the transition is causing and using hope as our guide. In most cases this is wishful thinking.

In our engagements, we work to remove both real and perceived barriers to progress. We do this by breaking bigger issues in to smaller, more manageable, components working to resolve, position or frame each in the context of the large goal.

We apply this modus regardless of where our clients are in their career or company process.

If you’re struggling with career direction, we’ll work with you to clarify your purpose in the context of your larger interests, with this understanding we will them move in a step-wise manner through option building, planning and detailed goal setting for next steps.

If you are initiating a search we work step-by-step to assure you are fully prepared so your search is memorable and you are positioned for success.

Although it sounds obvious, studies have shown that one of the greatest predictors of transition success is creating and implementing a focused plan. We apply this truism to all that we do.

A Focus On Outcomes

If discovering your vision is the foundation, building and implementing a roadmap is the keystone for success.

Drawing on the experience of our coaches and vocational resources, we work collaboratively to develop plans that guide decision making regardless of your transition. This includes pressure testing ideas, building 2-5 year plans and defining immediate next steps.

If you’re initiating a search, we guide you through a step-by-step process to build skills. The goal is not only to develop these skills, but to engender self-confidence – a core belief – that you have everything it takes to achieve your search goal and the success your desire in your next role.

Our approach includes framing search beliefs, which includes building a ‘this is a marathon – not a sprint’ outlook, defining prototypical roles and target institutions, deepening your understanding of your core skills and aptitudes, building an integrated career story & pitch, branding services to assure you are presenting yourself in the best possible way, and identifying key references – your fans – and search support.

For clients seeking search support, our coaching plans include monthly and weekly goal setting, monitoring progress and adjusting tactics to find leads and opportunities. We provide fresh insights for clients who hit roadblocks and motivational support as you encounter, as all people do, both challenges and opportunities.

Studies have shown that having clear goals and maintaining sustained search intensity correlate with successful outcomes. We accept this premise and throughout our coaching engagements keep our focus on the ultimate goal – the outcome that you desire.

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