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Job Search

Looking for new opportunities?  Are you looking to transfer your skills into another industry but are unclear what specific job title to search?  Want to make the most of your search?  Let us do the work for you.  In this service, we will send you active job postings to target.      


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Recruiter Outreach 

Unsure of what recruiting firms and recruiters to leverage to land your next opportunity? Utilize the Bee Defined Consulting brand for professional outreach of recruiters to lift up your candidacy.  We will do a comprehensive search of recruiters for outreach. 


School Application

Application Accoutability

One of the main reasons we don't get the results we are looking for in landing a job is because we do not cast a wide enough net.  It is said it takes 100-200 applications to get 1 job offer. This coaching service will set a clear plan on resume, outreach, and application activity with accountability.  



Email Templates

In this service, we will send you customized email templates to target recruiters.  



Applying Smart

Are you applying for jobs and not getting the traction you want?  This service will show you how to increase your chances of having your application stand out including utilizing job sites more effectively. 


Adult Students

Thank You Letter

Need an eye-catching Thank You note following an interview?  Having a hard time knowing what to say?  Let us create a tailored response for you.


Career Enhancement Services

Targeted career services to enhance your plan

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